SITE NEWS : Barry R. Clarke has two new books of original puzzles available: Brain Busters, published by Dover; and Challenging Logic Puzzles, a Mensa book published by Sterling. For on-line tests, surfers can try the The Perseus Test made in Flash. It has 10 questions and the solution to one problem is used in the address bar to call forth the next puzzle. Anyone who manages to solve all 10 is invited to add their name to a message board located using the 10th solution and is allowed access to the Persues Society. There are Popular brain teasers on site as well as Advanced teasers and Barry's cartoons accompany many of the puzzles. Recreational mathematics enthusiasts might enjoy the Articles section while puzzle webmasters can attract more hits to their site by joining the Enigma 49 Site Ring.


Lloyd King has a new lateral puzzles book on sale, Amazing Aha Puzzles crammed with 100s of mind bending teasers. In addition, Test Your Creative Thinking published by Kogan-Page encourages the reader to develop alternative ways of interpreting problems. Lloyd also has a creativity society called VINCI to which entrance is gained by passing his X-test.

Check out the collection of Japanese puzzles at Puzzleboxesusa.com . This interesting site features Yosegi puzzle boxes, locks and puzzle jugs, all crafted with care.

The USA are the team winners of the 2004 World Puzzle Championship held at Opatija, Croatia in October. Niels Rost of the Netherlands was the individual winner.

For UK radio listeners, puzzles and photographs from the recent BBC Radio 4 Puzzle Panel series can be found at the BBC website.

Photographs of the 2002 Antwerp puzzle party are now available.

Philip Carter has a book on sale called Workout For A Balanced Brain. Readers can discover their own “brain bias” (left side/right side weakness and strengths) and then develop the side that needs attention. Contains rigorous training exercises that result in enhanced mental power in every area.

For those who enjoy a challenge, there are some very nice endurance-testing moving piece puzzles available written in Flash 5.

A maze made of maize, claimed to be the largest in the world, has now been harvested. Created by Stewarts Gardenlands in the shape of a leaping stag, it was planted in Christchurch, Dorset, UK in May 2002, and had 7.6 miles of pathway covering 16 acres. Maze lovers can look forward to its resowing next spring.

QBrute has a new brain teasers site. Original material and you have to solve a puzzle to find the solutions page.

Ian Stewart has two books out : The Science of Discworld 2 and Evolving the Alien. He also has a science fiction novel Healers in preparation.

Dr Clifford Pickover's book The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles and Stars (Princeton University Press) is now available (ISBN : 0-691-07041-5). If you thought you knew everything there is to know about magic squares, think again! Thoroughly researched and comprehensive. Dover Publications Inc. have reprinted his Alien IQ Test. Author of books on creativity, art and mathematics, his comprehensive website deserves a visit.

Check out the Puzzle University with Registration, Lecture Halls, Students Union, Library and much more! You can even gain a puzzle PhD!.

Those interested in 3-D puzzles should be well rewarded by a visit to Russian designer and inventor Viktor Genel's website where his inventions are on sale.

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